Happy New Year!


We ended 2012 with a new laptop.

My husband has been using an HP Media Center since I think 2006 (can’t quite remember when we got it.) It is a big lunk of technology, but it has served us well. He stayed on the PC for his own use after I moved on to a MacBook in 2007. We finally had to disconnect the HP from the Internet after it started getting hit annually with viruses, which we’d pay Norton or whoever answered the phone at the Qwest helpline to fix it remotely. Not worth it. So the PC  essentially was a nice hard drive for storage.

We decided to upgrade after Christmas. We got the MacBook Pro for him and an iPod Touch to start integrating more video. The best part so far has been to mirror the laptop with Apple TV. Now our Amazon Prime movie account makes total sense.

In the meantime, it’s nice to chill to this as a way to start 2013:

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