Looking for a Happy Time


I took this picture this morning after sunrise. I love the way my little snowmen group glows. It was a way to test our iPod Touch’s capabilities, but mostly just to capture this moment.

I had declared to Jim, my husband, earlier this year that 2013 would be “the year of happy.” So far, not so much. The capper was this morning, our beloved cat Misty peed all over our bed. She’s 22, so every time she does something odd we go through our “We’re losing her!!” moment thinking she will be lucky to live through the day. Then she takes a few minutes and acts just fine. It’s day by day with her. But it does bring you back to living in the moment, not taking her for granted. She’s been a part of our family since practically the start of our marriage.

My car last week was diagnosed as needing major repairs, and our house alarm went haywire the week before that.

On the plus side, we’ve been watching lots of documentaries on Amazon Prime. Many are free. The one we watched last night was not, but was well worth the money. Paul Williams and the word “amazing” are rarely seen in the same sentence together, but I tell you, this documentary is definitely worth seeing. We had seen a preview for it when we went to see “Arbitrage” last fall, and we made a note to see it whenever it became available online.

I’m glad Paul is still with us and had no idea what had happened to him after, say 1979. Too bad Harry Nilsson is not also still among us, as I kept thinking about him when I heard Paul sing his own songs. Their voices and melodies were similar, although of course Nilsson had a mega-voice before it was blown. Knowing Williams’ path to sobriety, it makes me think those two could have had a lot to talk about.

Also, I guess the documentary title  can sum up Misty’s time today — still alive.

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