Treating My Cooking Like a Pinterest Project on Evernote


My project this weekend has been to start cooking and organizing recipes from all the various cookbooks I’ve downloaded on Kindle to follow my new eating routine. My challenge has been to find a way to keep things in a standardized format. Not all recipes are easy to follow from a Kindle-published cookbook on iPad (turning pages in mid-mix is awkward) or from and iPad app that was actually designed for iPhone (locked in vertical position in super-huge type you have to keep scrolling through.)

So … I downloaded Evernote Food. I use the “My Cookbook” section to organize the recipes I’ve emailed to Evernote after I have found them elsewhere online, after reading about them in my assorted cookbooks. These recipes in Evernote then show up in Evernote Food.

Now the crafty-Pinterest part of this. I spent yesterday collecting a bunch of recipes I want to try and emailing them to my Evernote folder. After I fix a recipe, I take a picture of it and attach it to the Evernote recipe file. Then I can see the ones I’ve done and the ones left to try before grabbing some more. This way, eventually I will have a collection I’ve fixed and modified myself for my personal use in one location. So far, this is the best way I’ve found to aggregate all of these recipes from different websites, apps, cookbooks, etc. The beauty of it is then all the recipes are neatly formatted and concise so that they fit on one iPad screen in landscape mode, perfect for using to cook with.

Evernote Food takes some getting used to. It was not super-intuitive at first but I was able to figure it out after playing with it for about 15 minutes. When I realized the app would pull up any recipe I put in my regular Evernote app, I was off to the races adding things. I can search by name, ingredient or whatever qualifier I want to use.

Anyway, I thought it was a fun way to make sense of what is quickly becoming information overload with all my new recipe sources for a plant-based diet.


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