Sunday Smoothie Recipe

Yesterday, I tackled a refrigerator cleanout that included one slice left of blueberry pie I’d made earlier in the week (the one with the walnut/coconut shavings crust; the filling was 2 cups blueberries, some apple juice and pitted/diced dates). We had plain rice left over from our Asian takeout, a can of pineapples I’d had in the cabinet and the last of a bag of frozen spinach. I threw all of this in the blender. It was green and delicious. If the color green turns you off, serve in a colored glass or an opaque container; a coffee to-go insulated tumbler works to keep it cold.

Weekend Blueberry Pie Slice Smoothie

½ cup Cooked Brown Rice

¾ cup Frozen Spinach

Slice of Blueberry Pie

1 Frozen Banana lightly defrosted in microwave

1 Can of Pineapple with Juice (unsweetened if you can find it)

½ cup Nondairy Milk (almond, soy, hemp, etc.)

Oats (optional, if needed for thickening)


OK, so I’m not a professional recipe creator. The measurements are all rough, adjust as you need for your own tastes.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Smoothie Recipe

  1. I tried your breakfast smoothie and used a few ‘planned-over’ ingredients from my refrigerator (Rice milk, baked yam, kale, fresh apple, and a section of banana). I thank you on bended knees for sharing your success. We all benefit!


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