Learning How to Shop for a Plant-Based Lifestyle

I discovered Jeff Novick when I started on my plant-based food journey. It is worth your time to Google search about Jeff and learn more about him. At one time he worked for Kraft Foods, as did I. No, we did not work together.

Jeff went on to follow his passion for teaching people about nutrition, and his information is a crash course in what you need to know. He somehow synthesizes Dr. McDougall, Dr. Fuhrman, the China Study and Engine 2 Diet and all of this movement into something you can understand when you go to the store and are staring at rows of pasta and canned tomato options.

He has several DVDs that should be must–see TV for people wanting to go plant-based. His Shopping School DVD takes you aisle by aisle explaining how to read labels. Here is a sample:

His Fast Food DVD series shows how to go plant-based without spending a ton of time in the kitchen. The one-pot meals take 10 minutes and once you watch him, you’ve got it. He also has a DVD that shows the different ways you can make bean burgers and fries. The Shopping School DVD is good to go back to and review occasionally to remind yourself how to read labels.

He introduced me to Pomi tomatoes, which are awesome! You can buy in bulk at Amazon or usually catch a good price at World Market.

Jeff’s shopping principles/label reading is the basis of my own food lifestyle at this point. The video above is a great overview, and the DVDs (available on Amazon and McDougall’s site among other places) are even better. You will never look at the grocery store the same way again!

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