Chocolate From Beans, Really

A can of beans on a plant-based diet could stretch your food dollar more than any item in your house. From it you can make any of the following, and sometimes more than a couple of the items listed:

A bean burger.

Bean dip.

Taco filling.

Chocolate dipping sauce.


And that’s just for starters.

Along with Medjool dates, the wonder sweetener for this way of eating, and the oil from nuts, avocados and seeds, you really can discover a whole world of cooking that the standard American diet doesn’t even begin to approach. Over Memorial Weekend, inspired by another blogger’s post, I made bean brownies. Many vegan cookbooks include this recipe, and I’d never tried it.

My brownies made from black beans, dates, chocolate unsweetened almond milk, banana, wheat flour, some blueberry preserves, maple syrup and vanilla extract, among other ingredients. No spinach!

This is one of those recipes where, if you have other eaters in your house not sold on going plant-based, then you need to make this when they are not around. Otherwise, the minute they see you busting open a can of beans to make “dessert” is the moment they think the food has made you certifiably insane. My husband, who is also plant-based and loves all of it, had to be told after the fact. Beans in our diet, as far as he’s concerned, should not seen or heard! Kind of like my thoughts on spinach. Just like spinach in smoothies, you cannot taste the beans in this case. Just fix the brownies. Once your family tries them, they will swear it is a box mix. You can tell them what it is really … or not.

Here’s a link to the original blog and its link to the recipe I used (thanks to Celeste at Honk If You’re Vegan). I had to modify a bit for my own purposes (read, too lazy to go to the store) but they came out great, and the house smelled like I had a Duncan Hines chocolate cake in the oven during baking. Amazing.

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