But Alcohol is Cool for Plant-Based Diets, Right?

Not always. Using a site online, I looked up my wine of choice back in the early 2000s, that magical time before I was diagnosed with cancer. My preferred brand, according to the website below, included casein. Who knew? I didn’t. Fish bladder derivative, gelatin, egg whites, casein and other mystery ingredients make this list worth looking at to see what your beer, wine or other spirit has been in contact with: Barnivore

I don’t drink alcohol (gave it up two years before my plant-based world began), but for those of you who do, you should be aware of the source and creation of your alcohol as much as you are your food.

Thanks to Victoria and Adair Moran’s book “Main Street Vegan” for this useful tip.

2 thoughts on “But Alcohol is Cool for Plant-Based Diets, Right?

  1. Thanks so much for thanking us and for getting in a word for Main Street Vegan. We’re so grateful that people find the book so useful. For those who drink wine, I’ve recently been introduced to a company called The Vegan Vine — lovely California wines, all vegan. John Salley, former NBA star, now committed vegan, is a co-owner.


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