Putting Those Purple (And Yellow and Orange) Carrots to Use … and Mushrooms

Using up all of our vegetables before they go bad is always a race to the finish. I am still trying to get a routine down where food creation can go like clockwork, otherwise we hit Wednesday and the refrigerator starts to look a little lean. If I can cook ahead on the weekend, then things seem to click better through the week.

This weekend, I was overrun with colorful carrots and peppers, so this was our salad:

That’s a lot of chopping.

After reading Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live,” we’ve been increasing the size of our salads. We’re not up to mixing-bowl servings yet (close!) but I’m trying to push more mushrooms into our diet, buying the bigger container at the store. We live in one of the mushroom capitals of the world with Ostrom’s being based here. The stores here sell all kinds of gourmet and simple mushrooms, and the mushrooms are a valuable non-animal source of Vitamin D, as I’ve learned this weekend in seeking an option for more Vitamin D when the sun isn’t cooperating. 

We love portobello strips and over the weekend I sauteed them with some vegetable broth, Mrs. Dash table blend seasoning and Herbs de Provence, no reason other than that was what I used to drizzle over some red potatoes before roasting. 

Fresh from the sink.

I find it’s a great time saver to take recipes and then apply the ingredients that go into the main dish into the side dish. Hence, the potato broiling sauce went over the portobellos. It worked.

Portobello strips on stove while spinach dries in the sun.

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