What To Do With All That Plastic

plasticPlastic is the hidden, and often not so hidden, scourge in our house. Plastic bags, in particular, are an obvious need-to-do-better part of my life. I still often get the plastic bags at the store and then reuse them for taking lunches to work.

This needs to stop. Why can’t I let go of this and go strictly with my cloth bags? It makes no sense.

And it doesn’t end there. Think of everything packaged in plastic that you buy at the store. Or things with plastic lids, like the rolled oats container.

A friend of mine told me she saw a guy actually unpack some purchased food at a local grocer and give the packaging back to the store, pouring the food contents in a bag he already had and telling the clerk to recycle the packaging. Can you imagine if people started doing that en masse?

Anyway, here is someone who took those kind of thoughts and ran with them. Going without plastic for any length of time is harder than you’d imagine, but a noble cause.

Going Without Plastic

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