What is ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ in a Processed World?

Lucky for us, a strawberry farm is across the street.

With this nation’s rapidly expanding waistlines, I wonder why everyone seems to struggle with weight and serious health issues all the time. We’ve all made jokes about things on food labels we cannot pronounce, let alone know what they are, but a recent article calls out why this stuff isn’t a joke. If you have runaway inflammation,  persistent allergy or weight issues, or chronic ANYTHING, you should probably start looking at food labels of things you buy and figuring out if you really need the 27+ mystery ingredients needed to make your morning cereal. There is a reason strawberries and other produce don’t come with ingredient labels (except eventually GMO distinctions, but that’s another issue).

From Robert Lustig, MD, in an article June 6, 2013 for The Huffington Post:

Before 1997, a food company had to petition the FDA to get a substance on the GRAS list. Now all it has to do is convene a meeting of scientists (paid by the company — talk about conflicts of interest) to sit in a room and declare a substance is GRAS. And they don’t even have to tell the FDA they did it. Of the 10,000 items on the list, 3,000 have never undergone review, and for an estimated 1,000, the FDA was not even notified.

Read more here.

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