Recipe: Perfecting the Pain-Free Chocolate Smoothie

chocolate smoothieSo this has been my drink of choice every morning. I have taken Chef AJ’s chocolate smoothie and created something of my own that includes not only some anti-inflammatory ingredients but also a lot more greens.

I will say that since adding tumeric, cinnamon and walnuts to the recipe, I have felt noticeable improvement in hand strength for gripping when I first get up. The early morning hours are the worst if you have RA, and if you have any achy joints that is when they will hurt the most. The oats and walnuts also can help to fill you up and keep hunger at bay at least until lunch. So the following is my new chocolate smoothie recipe.

Breakfast Chocolate Smoothie

Handfuls of fresh kale and spinach (however much you want or however much your blender can handle)

1/4 cup chocolate unsweetened soy milk or other nondairy beverage (hempseed, rice, or almond milk can work just as well)

1/4 cup rolled oats, uncooked

1 tablespoon diced walnuts

1 tablespoon Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa

1 teaspoon ground flax

1 teaspoon ground tumeric

1-2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground ginger (optional)

2 cups frozen blueberries, slightly thawed

1 frozen banana, slightly thawed (I throw both banana and blueberries into microwave for under 1 minute)

Put all ingredients and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Recipe: Perfecting the Pain-Free Chocolate Smoothie

  1. Thank you! Since I recently started making smoothies, I’ve mostly been randomly throwing things into the blender (actually, Magic Bullet, which is wonderful for portion control) and am discovering that I really am not one of those people who should ever deviate from an established recipe. I do not have the culinary skill for it. (On the other hand, I learned a valuable lesson about the benefits of using fresh spinach as opposed to frozen spinach. Never again!)


    1. I just heard about the Magic Bullet last night for the first time. I have to make my smoothie simple enough to make it when I am half awake every morning, and easy enough for my Oster to handle.


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