A Plug for Another Plant-Based Blog and a Shout-Out to Proust

proustnewI love Marcel Proust, but mainly I love reading what other people write about his writing. Sometimes the sheer magnitude of what an author writes is better off digested and translated through other writers, and so my personal library not only has the works of Proust but also books ABOUT his works, such as “Proust Among the Stars,” which I will always remember as downright Proustian on its own merits. There are many reasons to love the book. The author went to the depths of Proust’s work to pick up on paragraphs that said everything, which is something given how LONG an average Proust paragraph or mere sentence was. This always was one of my favorites from Proust:

“How often have I watched, and longed to imitate when I should be free to live as I chose, a rower who had shipped his oars and lay flat on his back at the bottom of his boat, letting it drift with the current, seeing nothing but the sky gliding slowly above him, his face aglow with a foretaste of happiness and peace!”

The author of the book, Malcolm Bowie, wrote of that above sentence:

“The overall design of the plot may be absent from this sentence, but the underlying emotional teleology of the book is not.”

And if you run to your online dictionary to find out what “teleology” is, you’ll learn the following:

“The explanation of phenomena by the purpose they serve rather than by postulated causes.” (Source: the pre-installed dictionary on my MacBook)

Right on.

Maria, aka Moonwatcher, has written a beautiful piece on T. Colin Campbell’s new book, “Whole.” Reading it gave me the same feelings I had when reading “Proust Among the Stars” and our interconnectivity with everything. As she writes her blog, she’s having her own “Plant-Based Lifestyle Epiphanies”  just like I am on my own blog, and it’s amazing how worlds connect through this.

See what you think, and, if you’ve read Campbell’s book, share what you think of it.

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