Beating the Northwest Heat, Day 2 and the Easiest Gazpacho Ever

purple salvia
The last of my purple salvia still standing in 90+ degrees.

Yes it is supposed to get hot again today. And by hot we mean in the 90s. 90 is mild everywhere but here. But it’s been a great time to find ways not to use the stove and stick with plant-based meals.

Anyway, over the weekend I created Gazpacho without having to cook anything. My challenge, as our window unit works to cool the front of the house, was to keep the stove off. So I went to Rite Aid and stocked up on Dr. McDougall soups. I believe he sold his interest in his soup line some time ago, but for packaged soup, it is quite tasty and the sodium level is a thing of beauty, compared to other mass-marketed soups.

Sodium below 500 mg is amazing for packaged soup, and less than half the sodium of other soups on the market.

mcdougsoupSo I realized the chunky tomato variety already was a very basic no-frills Gazpacho. I opened the container, divided the soup into two glasses, and stashed in the refrigerator. We got some takeout of tofu teriyaki and vegetable rolls and had the “Gazpacho” on the side. It worked! Very refreshing. It kind of reminded us of a restaurant style Bloody Mary without the booze. If you do drink, you probably could use it instead of traditional Bloody Mary mix for a VERY reduced sodium basis for your drink. However, it is fantastic just on its own, and of course, try it heated sometime with some rye crackers for a light meal. To make it more Gazpacho-y, add diced bell peppers and red onions to the soup before chilling with a sprinkle of garlic powder. Again, no stove needed for the whole thing, just serve chilled with a spoon in a mug.

Easy Gazpacho, tuna-less salad with tomato slices on multi-grain bread, salad with Daiya shredded vegan cheese, and Jim’s homemade potato chips.

(Side note: The Rite Aid near my house recently remodeled and extended their line of organics. You might check out your own drugstore since this is a marketing thing now for most stores and everyone is jumping on the organic bandwagon. I was surprised as anyone to see the McDougall line of soups … and the store sells about four different varieties. So the good news is it’s not just pretzels, candy and soda in the food aisle now at the drugstore.)

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