A New Tea to Enjoy and Life Without Coffee

A blend of chamomile and ginger tea.

While I still occasionally have one cup (and I mean just one cup) of coffee, I have greatly reduced my caffeine load each day. Generally I drink Genmaicha in the morning and chamomile at night. One benefit of the reduction of coffee drinking is my teeth have become noticeably whiter, so the whitening formula of my toothpaste actually works now. I also no longer have the 4 pm caffeine crash where I feel like I’m going to die unless I get some caffeine in my system. My energy level stays consistent and I’ve made a lot of progress since I last wrote about my struggles with caffeine.

So, what do I do after achieving a low-to-no caffeine lifestyle? I buy this:

pu-erh teaLet me tell you, this stuff is amazing. Black tea’s caffeine comes on in a more subtle manner than coffee. I felt completely alert and awake after one cup but no elevated heart rate or jitters. The chocolate is not overpowering but you definitely can taste it. AND, it may even be good for you, cholesterol-wise to lower your bad cholesterol and raise your good cholesterol. You can read more here and here. And, for more science than a person can stand, you can look at a list of official medical studies on the tea here.

This might become a staple in our house.



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