Don’t Let Sugar Ruin Your Life

Who needs sugar when you have strawberries!

There are SO MANY other ways to get sweet tastes into your plant-based lifestyle. I have only touched the sugar on our counter about two times since going plant-based with our foods, and both times were to sweeten baked recipes when the recipe called for stevia or agave or some such thing I didn’t have. But I can say with confidence that I rarely if ever need refined white sugar FOR ANYTHING. That’s a big deal, because I probably have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet. I grew up loving Count Chocula and Apple Jacks and all the sugary treats companies could create to tempt me. I have consumed my weight in candy corn, candy bars and pretty much any candy made since 1967. And I had all the requisite illnesses, allergies and bad health to go with this sugary addiction that lasted decades. One interesting note: No cavities, ever, probably thanks to fluoridated water; it certainly wasn’t my diet that protected me.

Am I completely 100 percent sugar-free? Hardly. I still have the occasional cupcake or cookie at work. But at home I keep the treats strictly to what I can make with fruit, maple syrup or dates. My blog entry on dates goes into more detail on this.

If you need more inspiration on getting sugar out of your diet, here are 5 Reasons to Quit Sugar for Good, with related research on food cravings.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Let Sugar Ruin Your Life

  1. I just binged on sugar over the 4th of July and I had a hangover on the 5th. I don’t remember having hangovers from sugar when I used to eat it all the time, but now my body revolts. Thank you for this post. Sometimes I need a reminder about what an evil thing sugar is. Celeste 🙂


    1. I know how that goes! I definitely have more aches when I eat anything with sugar, which I never noticed before. Sugar also heightens pain sensitivity, which I never knew.


  2. I really like Stevia, although a lot of people think it’s too sweet. I just worry that there’s probably something unhealthy about it too, that maybe we don’t know yet. That seems to be the case with most artificial sweeteners. So I try to limit my consumption of it, too.
    Oh, and I grew up in a small town with a Ben Franklin store that sold penny candy (yes, that makes me sound ancient). For a quarter, you could fill a little bag. At my first dental visit (maybe I was 3?) I had 13 cavities. Count yourself lucky for having good teeth.


    1. It was solely fluoridated water that saved me and my teeth! I don’t know about stevia, I just stick with maple syrup and dates. Once I found out how sweet date paste is, I never looked back!


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