Back to the Mountain for a Hike and My Next Challenge: Multnomah Falls

mountain July 20Saturday was a gorgeous day at Mount Rainier. We left our house late, around 11 a.m., and by the time we got to Eatonville the clouds had dissipated, and it was soon a blue-sky day. We then set off for another challenging hike. This time, we started at the Narada Falls parking lot and hiked up to Paradise. For those not familiar with the park, I believe that’s roughly an elevation gain of 860 feet, based on what I can find from other hiking blogs online.

I had good energy through the whole hike, but did stop to rest more than I’d like to. It is challenging going from a life of little-to-no exercise to trying to be the über-hiker in one summer. But I can tell I make progress each hike, and this summer’s difference is my lungs don’t burn when I exercise. And that is an achievement! It now is a pleasure to exercise and hike, and that has NEVER been the case for me, particularly with my lungs. Before, it felt like something I HAD to do but never really enjoyed. Now, without that oppressive lung pain when I’d start to go up inclines, I can actually enjoy my surroundings! That has to mean I’m getting healthier.

I credit the plant-based lifestyle and daily exercise routine. Walking every day has done a lot to build stamina and make me feel stronger so that I can do these weekend hikes. In August we plan to go to Oregon and hike around Multnomah Falls. I took this picture last year when we visited:



Kind of a big hike!

Anyway, here is a short video clip of yesterday’s hike up from Narada Falls to Paradise. We saw wildflowers starting to bloom and hummingbirds at Paradise, though they were way too fast for me to capture in the video.

This is my first production with iMovie on my iPhone, so I apologize in advance for the rudimentary editing. I will get better! The point of all of this is, no matter whether you want to challenge yourself with a hike or technology, you can do it!

3 thoughts on “Back to the Mountain for a Hike and My Next Challenge: Multnomah Falls

  1. Finally had a chance to watch this — beautiful! I’d love to go hiking up there someday. I’m going to have to drag Jeff and Elijah kicking and screaming on a nature-based vacation one of these days.


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