Second Verse, Same as the First

I used to think that locally sourced was some miracle way of eating meat. Never mind its actual nutritional content, buying free range or organic or whatever the label said or my meat-serving host told me was a way to make me think I was eating healthy. While you may be skipping chemical additives, locally sourced unfortunately still doesn’t make it broccoli to your body.

Researchers do not say you need to go completely meat-free. Even Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live” says a once a week serving probably is OK. But that’s once a week, in a serving about the size of a bar of soap, with the rest of your diet being nutritionally excellent and your lifestyle optimum for health. How many people can achieve all of that in some magical harmonic balance? Like alcohol, it may be better to abstain completely if you think you cannot keep it to once a week and stick with a healthful diet where the bulk of your nutrition is from fruits and vegetables. That once-a-week meat treat most likely will turn into regular fast-food or deli runs. I’ve lived it over and over during my vegetarian/whatever-tarian years.

King Henry VIII can shed some light on this. Say hello to the Tudor diet and a locally sourced meat regimen, albeit excessive, back in the golden age of the diseases of kings. But, frankly, with the obesity epidemic these days, how excessive is it in modern times? This clip plays up the amount, but for many families, the emphasis on meat in proportion to the rest of their diet is probably just as out of balance. He liked strawberries, so he had that going for him … 


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