Want More Plant-Based Info? You Came to the Right Place


Hi! I thought I’d update the blog quickly since a LOT of new visitors are coming here via Dr. McDougall’s site. Stay awhile and take a look around at this site. 

When we watched “Vegucated” and “Forks Over Knives” at the start of this year, we knew the people in the films were on to something. When I got sick, still on my RA medication and feeling no better even on medication, it was time for a change. It takes a moment of utter disgust with your health, mentally and physically, to finally say, “OK, I can intellectualize this all day, but maybe it really is the food.”

As I’ve said in a previous blog post, I looked up nutrition and rheumatoid arthritis in a Google search and John McDougall was one of the first people to come up on my list. I watched a YouTube of patient Phyllis Heaphy, and began to think there might be something in this for me.  

Suffice to say, I’ve made a complete overhaul of my diet since this time last year.

My medical results have shown the effect of this new lifestyle. I have had one sedimentation rate spike but I blame that for not eating “nutritionally excellent” as Dr. Joel Fuhrman likes to say. I can literally show you my Tofutti Cutie or vegan muffin binges in my blood work. 

I’ve listened to Victoria Moran’s “Main Street Vegan” podcast weekly to help me stay on track, I’ve used Chef AJ’s “Unprocessed” recipes, and read more from Dr. McDougall and watched more online presentations from him.

This trio of experts came to Portland last month for NW VegFest. Jim and I made a pact to go. Because of the challenge of finding parking at the convention center (did I mention ComiCon also was happening at the same venue?) we missed most of Victoria Moran’s appearance. But we saw all of Chef AJ’s presentation and all of Dr. McDougall’s. And … I got to meet all three. (no pic of me and Victoria, unfortunately).

Me and Chef AJ.
Me and Dr. McDougall.

Anyway, if you read my story  at Dr. McDougall’s site, my blog is where I try to show that this actually can be done. You can give up the food that is making you sick and gain an even more satisfying menu. Plus, you can feel A LOT better. Let me be clear: I don’t get any financial endorsements from any of this. I’m happy if my story inspires you to tackle challenges in your own life. I would not believe any of this worked until I actually did it myself.

So here’s to more adventures! Come back often to see what’s new, or subscribe to my blog!

Jim took this picture of a marmot statue at Mount Rainier today, Oct. 18, the park's second full day of operation after the shutdown.
Jim took this picture of a marmot statue at Mount Rainier today, Oct. 18, the park’s second full day of operation after the federal shutdown ended. Look at that blue sky!

2 thoughts on “Want More Plant-Based Info? You Came to the Right Place

  1. You are a source of inspiration for me. The way you got rid of RA is simply amazing. I also look forward to seeing myself as a completely healthy individual. No stiffness, no terrible RA pain, no medicines…wish I could mail you and know if I am on the right track with the dietary changes I have made.


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