Quick Lentils and Rice


You will love the simplicity and speed of this recipe, just from a humble cup of lentils and brown rice.

I use a rice cooker for this recipe. There truly is nothing to this.

Use the measuring cup that came with the rice cooker and fill it half with brown rice and half with lentils. Pour into rice cooker.

Add the same amount of water that you would add with the measuring cup if it was filled with rice, typically 2 parts water to one part rice, in this case 2 parts water to one part lentils/rice.

Let the rice cooker cook the mixture. When finished, you can add salsa (as shown above) or whatever seasoning combination you’d like. Try curry powder, or red pepper flakes, or a southwestern seasoning blend, or Cajun spice blend.

This is a great make-and-take meal for work. Enjoy!

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