Build Your Own Fruit Tower

photo (7)

We have been juicing more greens and fruit lately (I say we, it’s actually Jim who’s the juice king in our house) and that means a lot more fresh produce sitting around competing with cabinet space along with appliances, as you will see in this post with our juicer. I hated this arrangement and wanted to clean off the cabinet space and beautify this little corner. And through the magic of Pinterest, I did.

photo 4
I know, I can’t stand to see this, either. The vast assortment of clutter just makes me nervous looking back at this.

I have to say, with Pinterest, you can find any home decorating answer. If you have the idea and a Lowe’s or Goodwill nearby, you can tackle pretty much any project for pennies on the dollar. I saw a space-saver fruit tower someone showed on Pinterest using upturned martini glasses and stacked plates for use when they traveled in a camper and needed compact storage overnight.

I have been having fruit tower envy for awhile. Watching videos of vegan experts in the kitchen, they always have a lovely fruit tower somewhere in the background made of glass, metal or steel.

So I went to Goodwill down the street. Here’s what I got for $11.39:

photo 3

The bottom of a cake stand, a short glass votive and a glass platter with a grape motif in it.

Cleaned and put together, here was the result:

photo 2

And here’s the corner now:

photo 1

Ah …. I can breathe easy again!

I can take my tower apart to clean, and it is solid when stacked up, so it doesn’t shift around. I love it! And the cluttered array of stray fruits and bowls is now under control.

If you wanted to do this project just using home items and not spend a dime, find some big plates and stack with the glass votives you may have used over the holidays — such as the scented ones you buy at the store. You can melt and clean out the remaining wax and then use the container. The glass on those candles is typically thick, so they can support loaded plates. If you didn’t trust it, you could glue the piece together.

Have fun coming up with different combinations!


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