More juicing with Joe … my thoughts

Joe Cross is mainly the inspiration for why I own one of these:

Our trusty Hamilton Beach juicer.
Our trusty Hamilton Beach juicer.

I bought the juicer, shown above, as a gift to my husband for his birthday this year. We had a smaller, not-so-industrial juicer, that we’d inherited from my mom, which replaced an ancient, complicated one my husband had when I met him 25 years ago.

So Joe Cross wasn’t the start of my juicing journey, but he certainly helped to kickstart it in our house. Joe’s website opens the world of juicing to anyone who wants to spend $40 or more on a basic juicer to get started on turbo-loading the amount of fruits and vegetables they consume. If you want to go Gerson level of juicing, then you will probably consider a slow-pressed Omega juicer, which is a much bigger investment in money and time.

People who really take to juicing (and stick with it) are the ones in most desperate need. When medical treatments fail, juicing may come into play. When you move to juicing for your primary sustenance, you are basically one step away from water fasting, which can be the ultimate in a reset for your body. Joe’s movies, part one and part two, show that more people could use some juicing in their lives beyond the most extreme cases.

My forays into juicing always bring dramatic pain relief if I’m getting flare-y with RA. A juiced ginger root can do wonders in reducing swelling and working as a pain reliever for me. And, to Joe’s credit, I discovered and explored the power of juicing through his first film and his website full of recipes.

Joe is not vegan, and he writes about that here. This also is made clear in the second film, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2,” where he continues his journey of helping people learn about juicing. I follow Joe on Facebook, and he spends a great deal of time on the road promoting his message. I have to say, the second film didn’t seem to me as dramatic as the first, but that could be because at this point I’m stricter in what I eat than Joe is, and at the time I watched the first film I was still finding my way with a plant-based diet.

But if you rent his second film (and you should) he still has a jaw-dropping moment where he encounters someone from the first film THAT YOU WOULD NEVER expect to become a healthful living convert. And, I got the feeling that the person was probably healthier than Joe at that point in the film! That to me made the entire film worth it — for him to circle back and find a hidden gem among all the previous encounters from the first film.

Juicing can be an extraordinarily powerful addition to your diet. It’s probably safe to assume that everyone could do with ingesting extra nutrients (not in pill form) and hats off to Joe for making the possibilities more accessible. The actual road on a lengthy juicing-based reboot is tough as much as it is rewarding. Here’s hoping that once you buy the juicer, you keep using it!

Here’s more from Joe.

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