Don’t let the wind carry you away

A perfect meal for a windstorm when you could lose power at any minute.
A perfect meal for a windstorm when you could lose power at any minute.

So we had a windstorm the same day I’d planned to host a Meetup for a raw vegan group. Our friend Carol showed up (she lives within walking distance) so we had her vegan scalloped potatoes to go along with Happy Herbivore’s Chile Mole  and my rice/lentils tomatoes classic dish. No, it wasn’t a 100 percent raw meal, but it all sounded good on a blustery night. 

The rice/lentils tomatoes dish has evolved through this year. When I first started making it I kept it very simple, then it morphed into a Mexican rice dish when I started adding a can of tomatoes (Ro-Tel is nice) some cumin and chili powder. Honestly, I can eat this dish hot or cold and it is a complete meal on its own. For our hikes, I often packed it as a cold dish in the cooler to eat afterward.

In the meantime, back to the Meetup that wasn’t. I found out how fast I could make tofu ricotta, as our lights kept dimming and the wind howled. Nothing like imminent power failure to get you to kick it up a notch with cooking!

Tofu ricotta was my idea after coming across the recipe in “Happy Herbivore Abroad” which was on sale this week at Amazon as a digital download. Jim discovered during our meal prep that we had no salad items ready except lettuce (the Meetup was supposed to be potluck, so I was counting on other food to fill in the menu.) I had the brainstorm to just add the tofu ricotta to salad with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast and one of my water-based dressings (1 garlic clove, 1 teaspoon miso, 1 teaspoon Bragg’s liquid aminos, splash of apple cidar vinegar and water mixed in a Magic Bullet).

The tofu ricotta thing seemed like a great idea because I could still put it together if we lost power. Still, it came together in about 2 minutes, and our power held in there. So … if you need a quick vegan ricotta fix, here’s how to make it. I found it was OK to use Mori-Nu silken tofu (I had firm in the fridge) and I didn’t really mess around with draining the tofu other than holding it over the sink and patting it dry with a paper towel. This tastes even better the next day. And I can only imagine how good it is if you follow her instructions closer than I did!

In the meantime, for some real, raw inspiration, go look at Dara Dubinet’s YouTube channel. She’s spent the past week in London and showing how she travels on a raw food diet. Talk about making it work! I watched every segment yesterday afternoon and finished this morning watching her London Meetup. She’s coming out soon with e-books of tonics and raw food recipes, so those will be great. I already found the reishi and chaga mushrooms on Amazon that she references in her London videos, and I can’t wait to try them as morning drinks as a coffee alternative. (Yes, I have given up coffee, though I never say I won’t ever have coffee again, but I’ve been coffee-free for months now and I stick with teas.)

RA update: Another flare, which is disappointing, but this time it was only my right knee, so it seems the flares are growing smaller, less painful and localized. No other joints were involved (yay!) So I hope that means the minocycline is having an effect. I raised my prednisone back to 10 mg from 2 mg and it vanished within an hour, so I can start reducing it quickly again. We even went for our normal walk last night. We suspect this was caused by the weather, since it kicked in about the time the weather went crazy here. So I’m a walking barometer, I guess!

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