Why I commute

The park that is practically in our backyard, one of two state parks less than a few miles from where we live.

When I was a kid, it seemed unheard of the time spent in people’s cars commuting in places like Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is here.

These are my latest articles (for one I partnered with fellow reporter Kate Martin) and what people face on the road working the Olympia-to-Seattle corridor. Some drive from the Oregon border. Daily. Others face shorter commutes, but also see bottlenecks just the same on I-5. 

When real estate becomes too expensive, it pushes people out greater distances. And expensive real estate is a byproduct of having a booming labor market with high-paying jobs, and it’s not the concern of the employers where you live, only that you show up.

My own commute is 45 minutes one-way. So I may be biased in thinking things need to change. But …. we chose to live so far away. We wanted space and scenery after living in a zero-lot-line development in Olympia. We had a beautiful house and were surrounded by a greenbelt — and next to a four-lane street.

At our current home, we can hear a car engine start miles away. Or dead silence, which can be unnerving if you are not used to it. We love it. We have our own skyscrapers in our backyard:

Snow in December.


And the view in summer.

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