I’ve got an eclipse story …

Eclipse image from Wikimedia Commons

That’s been my opening line to my editor for the past few weeks. Every other day it seemed I had something to write about the Aug. 21 eclipse. 

I could tell I was on to something when this story took off, and people kept reading it, even weeks later: My survival guide to driving to Oregon from Washington.

Then we had early weather forecasting.

Then Amazon had to recall/refund unverified eclipse glasses.

Then Cliff Mass gave his early weather prediction.

Then we discovered you could ruin your camera gear just as you could your eyesight.

And then I thought we should really contact Madras, Oregon, at the dead center of totality for Oregon, preparing for a plane to land every 3 minutes at their tiny municipal airport.

And there will be more. Stay tuned …

The bottled water aisle Thursday night, Aug. 17, at a Walmart in Albany, Oregon. (Photo by Jim Cockrell)


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